Doorbell transformer double tap

Is it ok to double tap a doorbell transformer? (not a Square D) The homeowner at my last inspection (Home Inspector and former Sparky) said it was ok. I always thought that the problem with double taps was with the tightening of the lug and not neccessarily the current draw. Thanks in advance.

110.14 Electrical Connections

Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals used to connect aluminum shall be so identified.

Thanks Jeff. I know it’s a nit picky item (the rest of the house was perfect and 9 out of 10 Sparkys will probably say it’s ok ) but I will report it.

lol…well it is a simple fix, remove both wires and wirenut them together with a pigtail to the breaker…ensure the pigtail is of the same size as the original circuit wire attached to the breaker before.

Double tap solved…:slight_smile:

lol…Oh forgot…usually those are 14 AWG…dont splice it with a 12 AWG and then connect it to a 20A breaker…just a FYI

Thanks Paul - Good suggestion! I’ll recommend that solution.

BTW - It was two 14 AWGs on a 15 amp breaker.


The you are good to go…offer the suggestion…and walk out smellin like a rose fella…:slight_smile:

P.S…Just be sure that TX is not located inside the panel enclosure itself…not allowed…

But I can splice it with 12 and land it on a 15 A breaker.:cool:

Why yes you Can Bobster…lol

it will also help in the voltage drop of that 6" lead connected to the transformer…theheheh

Lets not forget that there are many breakers that are listed to terminate more than one conductor. Make sure before you write a correction, that the breaker in question is listed as suitable to terminate one conductor only. I would suspect if it is for one conductor only that it would be an older breaker as most newer type breakers are listed for 2 conductors. There are small, repeat, very small labels on the breaker that show this info, or if the panel cover is blocking this, go to the manufacturer’s website for this info.

Pierre ,
I do not believe the HI is talking about newer breakers that are allowing (2) wires, ( ie: Sq D and now a few CH as well ) in most home inspections the breakers are older and they experience situations like old Crouse Hinds, GE, FP, Bryant and the like which do not allow multiple wires per terminal connection.

In this case the easiest FIX for them to recommend is removing the wire, splicing and wirenutting it with the wire it was double lugged with on the breaker and taking a single wire to the existing breaker.

90% of what the HI’s on here deal with are older models.

I understand most of the homes may be older, I am from the northeast and we see some of the oldest. But there have been many service upgrades in the last couple of decades, and the circuit breakers I mentioned would or may have been installed at that time. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between these, that is all I was trying to point out. Detail, detail, detail…

Details are good my brother…:)…