Door Closure

I have looked but unable to find.
Does FLorida code require a self closeing device on doors from garage to house? If so , any reference would be appreaciated.
Thanks in advance

NO-not on free standing single family residences. Yes-on multi-family residences with rated attached garages.
You can check FBC for multi-unit residential buildings. I use to know right where that was in the code.

I’m also a Florida residential contractor and have never been gigged on that.
I don’t believe so and have built very many homes without a closer.
Fire rating is all they look for on that door.

I have built duplexes and that never came up.They had their own attached garage.

Thanks William, Thats what I thought, but needed confirmation.

Thanks Roy

Called out no closure on a 4 unit condo each with attached garage.
Realtor Questioned code.

I generally report on missing closures, not because of code, but for the safety factor.

Does anyone else do this?

I looked through this FBC bible and haven’t found anything about this.
I’m sure I must have missed it.
If you guy find it , post it please.


If I remember correctly, it used to be in the code, but was removed. I would suspect due to the fact that the top door types would rip the door apart and the hinge spring types failed after a year.

I’ll see if I can find he reference.

It was removed from the IRC in 2006.

I too generally report on the missing closure for safety reasons, along with the need for the a) solid core door, b) sheet metal door or c) 20-minute fire-rated door.

The InterNACHI Inspection Narratives have a good suggestion under
SUB-HEADING: Garage Door
NARRATIVES: Door to Home Interior

Thanks Eric
At least it was code at one time.

2012 IRC
R302.5.1 Opening protection.
Openings from a private garage directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permitted. Other openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with solid wood doors not less than 1 3/8 inches (35 mm) in thickness, solid or honeycomb-core steel doors not less than 1 3/8 inches (35 mm) thick, or 20-minute fire-rated doors, equipped with a self-closing device.

a problem is many encountered back when & now are not adjusted to properly secure/latch the door defeating the intended separation purpose

the ho disassembles or removes entirely

It looks like it is back in!

The current FBC 2010 does NOT include the self closing door requirement in R302.5.1, but will more than likely include it in the next update since they put it back in the IRC.

On Home Inspections, I list it as a safety hazard.

After five teenagers in Miami were renting a house and left the car running in the garage. The five 18 year olds did not wake up the next morning.

Building code or not, I list it as safety hazard. If something like that happened on a house I inspected, at least they were warned.

But, do you make a recommendation for a repair?

This is the case of which you speak:

I do make recommendation to repair. With me as Jay has stated it’s safety overall and just plain common sense to have them self close. I usually point out the sticker on the overhead garage door which states the danger of car emission fumes and then recommend they fix the garage to dwelling door. Haven’t had one person argue it yet.


I do not recommend “repair” unless the self closing mechanism is present and needs adjustment. I recommend installation otherwise.

I’m also a Florida residential and have never been gigged on that. And if I am not wrong then I don’t believe any homes without a closer. Yes one I have seen like the fire rating is all they look for on that garage door opener.

Detached one and two family dwellings and multiple single family dwellings (townhouses) not more than three stories above grade are regulated under the Building Code Residential, and have never been required to have self closing doors between an attached garage and dwelling. While they may have they are not required to have a fire rated door, Only a solid wood or metal door no less that 1-3/8 inch, or a 20 minute fire rated door.
With that said because the self closing requirement has been adopted by the IRC 2012 we will likely see it in our 2012 FBCR in 2014