Garage door self closing hinges

2014 Fl Bldg Code
R302.5.1 Opening protection.
…Other openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with solid wood doors not less than 1 3/8 inches thick, or 20 minute fire-rated doors, equipped with a self-closing device.

Is anyone else calling this out on reports?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t quote code but I call out the lack of self-closing hinges on homes that fall under this code and add the lack of a sealed door frame to prevents potential automotive exhaust fumes from entering the living space. NOW… I don’t have a full copy of the building code but is anyone else calling this out or have info I’m not aware of? I checked Hillsborough County building code and found no mention of this so I’m guessing they follow the Fl Building Code unless otherwise mentioned. Is there another link I haven’t come across to clear this up for my county’s jurisdiction for building codes?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

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That was stricken in the 2017 revision.

In Florida we have a uniform building code that all countries conform to.
Overview of the Florida Building Code

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Thanks Roy. I found the Supplemental this morning after a lot more research. Finishing the report this morning!

Anytime Brother.

although removed from the IRC, it should still be recommended. Don’t know why IRC decided to remove it. People forget to close the garage door all the time, especially in the summer when it’s not cold. Why have a fire-rated door if it won’t be closed 100% of the time when not in use.

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Some of the jurisdictions I inspect in require it. Regardless, I recommend the door be self closing in my report even if not required.


me too, as a safety recommendation.

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I hate the darn things .

The requirement for there self closing hinge in 302.5.1 was NOT stricken from the code.

You in TX in Florida it was.