Door from house to garage

I know that Florida Building code section R309.1 states that the door from the house to the garage needs to be a solid door. I am having trouble finding the same, or similar, wording in the 2001 code. Since the 2001 code did not have a residential code, does anyone know where it is located?

I can find it in the energy code but not in the building code.

Who carea BOUT CODE. gIVE YOUR opinion that it is wrong and be done with it :slight_smile:

I did but the sellers realtor said that a hollow core door was permitted in 2003. I know that it was not allowed but wanted something to refer them to other than the energy code. The 2004 Residential code specifically requires a solid door but the 2001 code did not have a Residential version. I have gone back and forth in the 2001 code but can not find the reference. I was hoping that someone would have an idea where it might be located. My eyes are going buggy from skimming through it at this point.

I found this from the 2000 IRC:



R309.1 Opening protection. Openings from a private garage
directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be per-
mitted. Other openings between the garage and residence shall
be equipped with solid wood doors not less than l 3 / g inch (35
mm) in thickness, solid or honeycomb core steel doors not less
than l 3 / 8 inches (35 mm) thick, or 20-minute fire-rated doors.

Edit: Download the code in PDF

Thanks Andrew but Florida never used the International code. It used the Standard Building code (which I am unable to find a copy of online) and then created the Florida Building code in 2001. The Florida code is based on the International Code but has some differences. (Only in Florida LOL). It also did not have a residential version until 2004.

Ahh, I see that I wandered into the Florida section.

I just dug thru my 2001 copy. Chapter 4, section 411, touches on automobile parking garages but I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for. I like this realtor…

Screw the CODE…Just tell them what you think and leave it up to them :slight_smile:

Your opinion as a professional.

I give opinions that have nothing to do with code every day. Tell them what you would tell your Mom. To me it is really that simple.

Mike he’s already given his professional opinion. He’s looking for a rebuttal to the realtors comment that a fire rated door wasn’t required in 2003. Screw the code doesn’t cut it.

I find hollow core doors on garages to living all the time in earlier constructed residences.
I list that as a “recommendation to install solid door with weather-stripping and threshold for seal from hazardous fumes” I might also add that it wasn’t required when the residence was constructed. Same for GFCI and AFCI protection among other things.
Makes everyone happy.

Step away from the FBC and go to the NFPA.
Call the fire inspector and ask him for the reference number.
That being said, though, building and fire codes were enacted to minimize risk of damage or injury to persons or property. What’s good practice today may not have been good practice yesterday, but it’s still good practice.
In my opinion, it doesn’t matter when it became code, I’m going to recommend the garage to house man door be an approved fire rated door.

I do not care what realtors say either :slight_smile: I would not be going thru the trouble trying to convince them of anything…WHY?

In this case we are not talking about an old home. The home was built in 2003. I know that solid doors have been used since I started in construction in 1984. Builders do not spend the money to use a solid door if a hollow door meets the requirements.

The R309.1 requirement that you can not have a door from the garage to a sleeping area (which also states that those doors must be a solid door) has been in effect for a long time. I ran into that one back in the early 90s, so the rest of it was likely a requirement then but I can not locate it.

As I mentioned, a hollow door is not allowed by the energy code but there has to be more than that. I don’t think I am going crazy.

Ask Jerry Peck at

Produce the permit.

Robert your not going crazy…I just looked for the last hour under fire protection systems, fire resistant materials and construction, means of egress, interior finishes…

I cant find it neither…Sorry bud…

The thing I like about the information hunting experience, is that I typically learn a ton more than I was actually looking for…

411.2.6 gives the answer.

411.2.6 Automobile parking garages shall be separated
from other occupancies in accordance with 704.

Exception: Separation is not required between a Group
R3 building and an attached garage.

Group R3 is residential

So it appears that it was not required in the 2001 code.

I agree. You get to a point where you think you at least have some things down pat and then you find that something you have felt sure you knew was not exactly correct.

At least I can fall back on the energy code (which is incorporated into the building code). Chapter 13 Section 603.1.ABC.1 “Hollow core doors shall not be used in either exterior or adjacent walls.”

The energy code is what requires a solid core door. All this time I thought it was in the building code itself. It was in the IRC but not in the FBC until 2004.

Guess I need to change the narrative I have been using. I appreciate all who looked at this issue and responded.