Door Installation--need photo

Anybody got a good illustration of how to install an exterior door so that it doesn’t leak? I find a lot of them that are un-sheltered by a porch or significant overhang that have leaked past the threshold and damaged the band sill. Thank in advance.

I can answer that. I am a licensed finish carpenter and I’ve installed thousands of doors. It all depends on the manufacturer’s recommended installation so there is no real illustration. Flashing should be wrapped around the jack studs and header though depending on jurisdiction you can get away with just face flashing over the OSB (or buildings sheathing material). In-swing doors as a rule of thumb should be facing the side of the house with less rain and wind. Out-swing doors are better here because there isn’t an exposed sill.
Regarding the sill, there should be a pitch for water run off on in-swing doors and 2-3 beads of silicone under the sill before installation.
As far as shelter, the rule of thumb is for every 1 foot of height above the door (up to the eaves) there should be 4’ of overhang. Good luck finding a illustration

Are you talking about lack of door sweep or something like internal flashing ?

these window install fundamentals would work for most doors

search for fema499_6_1-1
in conjunction with this should give the best chance to eliminate moisture intrusion and protect framing material if any occurs

Looking for something like this?

That is a good graphic but how does that right end over the floor terminate ?