Dormer support framing?

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See dormer at left (42710 Bytes) ]

[ Image: Light area at bottom end of ridge board is the angle cut. There can't be more than an inch or so resting on any support. (41000 Bytes) ]

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Before crying “wolf,” I’d be inclined to check out the framing detail for the dormer on the house’s plans. And if the two flat 2 x 6’s in the “V” configuration are nailed to the end of the ridge where they converge, the load distribution would proceed through them and onto the rafters they rest on. It’s hard to determine actual load paths from the picture, but a good test would be to have your assistant, helper, significant other, wife or whomever go up on the roof and bounce up and down a few times on the suspected ridge-end while you’re inside, up nice and close to watch for obvious deflection. Or you just might simplify everything and suggest to the lead framer to “stub” a flat 2 x 4 underneath the ridge-end to give it more support, spanning between adjacent rafters. And if your snow loads are anything like ours, you could have him add another 2 x 4 at right angles to the first, butting up underneath it. It also looks like the framers are trying to get away with over-spanning the rafters as evidenced by the intermediate cross-piece supported by vertical 2 x 4’s running down to the joists or interior wall top plates.

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For a small dormer there is not a lot of load supported, but I think it would be better practice (at least around here) to support the dormer ridge where it meets the roof with a double header framed into the roof rafters.

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