Ridge Beam Support

… Or lack there of.

Called this out for lack of support.

Ridge Beam is approx 18"x4" spanning 14’ supported by a 2x6 on either end.
What say you?

2810 Crystal Drive 054.jpg

2810 Crystal Drive 047.jpg

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With those hip rafters all strapped together and nailed into the ends, I’ll bet that’s fairly strong. Unless the beam is not well nailed in. I am wondering what the 2x6 supports are resting upon? :stuck_out_tongue:

double 2x6 ceiling joist, “resting on” is appropriate.

The rafters support the ridge beam, you should be able to have nothing under it and it will stay up.

I’m still trying to figure out why they added that new member at the end of the ridge board?

As already stated, I think the rafter supports at the ridge board look fine.

I second Kenneth’s opinion. I wonder what they were thinking or why they did all the extra work though.


For friendly banter…what would you do different or like to have seen?

The only thing missing is collar ties (out of frame?) and full 2x support of the ridge is preferred method but not seeing all fastening I don’t see any major defect…

My issue is with the 2x6 strong back. If they felt the need to add a strong back to the center span of the ridge beam why only have 1" of support(visible in picture #3)?
I would of liked to have seen full end bearing (double up the 2x6 strong back) for the center span.

OK roofers … rip me a new one. :slight_smile:

That’s what I agreed with but the whole thing looks like overkill for the distance stated. What kind of shingles were used?

Ridge Beam

A structural wood member used at the ridge of a roof to support the ends of roof rafters and transfer roof loads to supports.

What we’re talking about is a point within the marriage wall of a multi-section home that helps support the roof.

If the home has a large open room going from one side of the home to the other through the marriage wall section, then the roof must be supported by a beam along the ridge of the roof.

Obviously since there is no wall a strong beam has to be engineered that will not allow the roof to sag in the area of the open room.
This beam is also to be supported by structures within the wall called the ridge beam support column.

There are generally three or more studs connected together that are found on each end of the open span at the marriage wall.

The ridge beam is like a bridge and these column supports support the ends of the bridge. They transmit the weight of the structure plus the roof load, such as snow, through to the foundation beneath.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Looking back, and talking to a trusted contractor I agree it is overkill.
It’s a case of me deferring instead of stepping back and re-evaluating a non-typical situation. Lesson learned

For what it’s worth 6:12 Pitch, 3 tab shingles