Double tap 30 amp, 240 for dryer dryer

I remember this was talked about before, but I can’t find it. Home has two laundry rooms; garage and 2nd floor each with a dryer 240 outlet. Instead of separate breakers for each dryer 240 outlet, they did a double tap on a 30 amp breaker. The breaker is designed for two leads. Is this ok?

I was thinking no right up until you said the breaker was made for two wires. Now I’m not sure. Glad I could help.:slight_smile:

Is it similar to this?

If run one at a time it may work but possible nuisance tripping.

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

I would say the circuit is overloaded and may / will cause nuisance tripping. Recommend two separate circuits.

Check the amps required for both dryers. Most dryers require 20+amps so in that case the answer would be no.

Givne that we are not doin gcode inspections, if the wire to each receptacle is rated for the full 30 amps, the arrangement itself may not be hazardous. The biggest problem will be nuscience tripping if they try to run both dryers at the same time. It is very possible that the situation came to be becuase a previous owner decided they wanted the dryer in a new location instead of where orginally installed, so they never intanded to use both locations. If that is the case, the old locations should have been disconnected.