What do you think about this Electric dryer hook up

Notice the bottom breaker. They lead to a 220v electric clothes dryer?
How does it work? Maybe you can explain.


Drier is really two 120 products in one box that normaly take the current from both sides of the 240 volt feed to the home (120 from one side and 120 from the other)

If you wire both drier feeds to only one side of the 240 line (which is wrong) you are unbalancing the home by alot.

This does not work for all driers


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if both legs of the circuit are on the same phase, how can the voltage potential be 240v

I think he made a typo there, and that would not considerably “unbalance the home” .

This would NOT overload the neutral. If it were on two separate breakers on the same phase it would. Being that it is on the SAME individual single-pole breaker the neutral cannot possibly carry more than that single breaker’s rating.

It is physically and electrically impossible for this circuit to be providing 240v. Period.

I would make a guess and say they ran typical 10/3 to a dryer location, then changed the circuit to a 120v gas dryer. Instead of just using one hot they used both for some strange reason. Then possibly they changed back to an electric unit and did not change the circuit back over.

This has to be a 120v dryer (Gas) . The blower of a regular 240v dryer would still go but the element would not heat up. They are connected L/L across the ungrounded leads. In this case that would produce zero volts.

It is an electric dryer, the drum worked, but not the heat. The tenant stated that they bought a breaker and installed it.

He bought the wrong breaker. A 2 pole will probably fix it. There seems to be plenty of space. I would still recomend they get a real electrician in there to replace the breaker and be sure the handy tenant didn’t screw up anything else.

If this is intended to be wired for the dryer, this is what should be in place.


Sorry I did not get your PM until late…seems like you have it taken care of here…any additional questions just let me know…I am off…my sons birthday…the big 9 this week…

Well that explains EVERYTHING!

Customer: “It’s on a breaker. So, what’s the problem?”
Me: “grumble, grumble, grumble…”

Customer: “It’s on a breaker. So, what’s the problem?”
Me: Sir, it is very complicated.;)…if the WIFE around?..

Boy did I shoot myself in the foot on this one

You did not tell us that the dryer did not work and that someone had replaced the breaker!!

And I did not ask for additional information to give a proper answer

My mind went to the dual voltage dryers that one sees in small apartments and RV

I am bleeding bad on this one


nah…it’s all good. Never know what you will run into with DIYers

When there’s a problem, and a DIY was involved, it’s a pretty safe bet that the root of the problem will be related to something they touched.

I bet the guy at Home Depot sold him the breaker and told him how to install it.

Word on the street is they’ll be building a new Lowe’s near me. I’ve given some thought to applying for a job there just to see what sort of training and disinformation they provide their electrical “experts”. It would be sort of a long-term investigative report, along the lines of what Barbara Ehrenreich did for writing her book, Nickel and Dimed](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0805063897/qid=1089332125/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-5929343-3643232?v=glance&s=books). Don’t know if I have the patience for something like that, though. The thought has crossed my mind a few times, but the time investment seems steep.

Actually I buy alot of electrical equipment at Lowes…everytime I go in the electrical isle and I am wearing my company jacket or shirt I always get asked questions before I leave…and I am not on the payroll.

But as for pricing man some things they simply have the best price for…for example a 200A service disconnect Sq D…at the supply house like 220.00 and at lowes $ 165.00…worth me driving to lowes on some situations.