double Tap on lugs

exterior main panel 200 amp. The electrician used the main lugs to run power to a new package HVAC. The three pic show the situation. The electrician gave the OK after I called it out. I need to know if I was right or wrong for calling this out.




Nope, those lugs aren’t rated for more than one conductor. Very few box lugs are. It would have been so easy to pop a breaker in that meter-main and do it right since it’s empty and all. Bunch of retards. Looks like something they’d so in the country of Arkansas.

ya we have some real hick in the hills of Arkansas. The electrician is positive about this being correct. I’m only a home inspector and I know better. Thnaks for the feed back

Next time you run into these heavy conductors doubled up in box lugs, take a good picture of the sticker that gives the torque values and such for the various lug and screw types in the enclosure. It is that sticker that will typically contain the information related to how many and what gauge(s) of conductors may be accommodated by each lug and screw type. I feel pretty good about saying that GE does not permit this in that style lug. The electrician might have his head into “tap rules”, thinking about gauges of conductors and distances to the next overcurrent protective device, since this thing is actually fused at 200 amp and the conductors are pretty small. That part may or may not be right (no way to tell from the pics), but the doubled up situation is enough to give it the thumbs down.