2 2/0 AL main wires instead of 1 4/0

Home built in 1975. Had 2-2/0 wires for each A and B sides and neutral between Meter, Cutoff Breaker and Main Panel. Lugs appeared not to be designed for double taps. This appeared to be original.


Looks like tinned copper from here. They are double lugged not double tapped. Yes not designed for.

Correct on the double lugs, thanks.

I agree with Ken appears to be tinned copper and improper use of a terminal rated for only one conductor.

I have one comment - Review Section 250.92(B) of the NEC and tell me do you think this image shown complies.

FYI- The principals intended here have not changed since the 1975 Edition

What is this? Is this the first point of disconnect? Are those all phase conductors? Why are there no neutral or grounding conductors?

Can you see both sides of each of the service raceways?

Yes, with my x-ray (knowing they probably do not know what Section 250.92(B) is anyway) eyes.

The point is to comment on the image and what it shows and not to comment on what it does not show. Thats up to the individual doing the inspection to verify. But you have to always plant the seed to get the idea to grow.