Double tap at main lugs

After not seeing this in a long time, I’ve seen it twice in a week. At my last inspection, the homeowner argued with my position that this was improper. He said his buddy, an electrician, wired the feed for his garage into the main lugs, and it was “OK” because there was a main switch upstream from the distribution panel that I was looking at. I asked to see the switch. It was at the other end of the basement, behind paneling. It was a main on/off switch with a 200amp breaker. I told him I still felt it was improper, and recommended evaluation by a licensed electrician. This type of connection is always improper, correct??


Firstly, He would have to show me where it states that terminal lug is rated for more than a single conductor.
Second, he would have to convince me that a panel behind a wall is well…accessible.
Third, Not sure how he thinks a 200A breaker ( being used as a switch I guess ) would protect those smaller conductors running through the dwelling in case of an overload…fault or what have you.

Yes, it should have been evaluated as you stated in your report and I am sure the guy has a buddy…who plays as an electrician on weekends only.

P.S.- Lets not forget as well that you are in PA ( no offense to PA Electricians intended ) but they have no state licensing and well…it is done locally and calling someone a electrician is broad…are they licensed in the AREA in which your client is…questionable at best.

Thanks for the quick response.

If that breaker is the service disconnect (“main”), then there’s no protection for those conductors.

They are directly tapped to the service conductors with no OCPD.

Ahhh…I said that Mr. Pope…lol