Double Tap or Not?

Stirring the pot would not be so bad if he offered some useful information once in a while.

Robert, I’m a newbie inspector that wants to learn. Can you please elaborate on what you see in that panel?

If you are a realtor oriented inspector, in other words you rely on realtors for referrals to sustain your business, the information I provide will not help you one bit. The better your reports get, the less referrals from realtors/agents will come your way.

Hmm hmm hmm



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Code inspector we are not. Calling out safety issues we can. We question does it function and do so safely. Not sure what I see but can smell the BS a mile away. And I do agree with the others on membership fees. But I guess interNACHI is a step down from FABI, but then again I question FABI’s leadership at this point.

So you have nothing.

I do see one problem can you tell me about it?

…no, but if you don’t stop you’ll go blind…

The posts are not in order, you need to go back to the first page for my response…

The money has nothing to do with joining the organization. There are a lot of us that have chosen not to for our own reasons. That doesnt mean that we do not want to help, but every time we do, no one wants to learn. You all just want to keep on doing what you are doing. I see everything in the box that Robert is talking about. He does take the code more literally than I do. I pick and choose the battles I want to fignt as far as the inspection process, so I might not write up all of them. But one is a definite. Would i call for repalcement. Probalbly not, but it should have never been installed like that in the first place, so he is correct in everyting he is saying.

Replies in red.

I would be more concerned about the two burnt wires at the bottom left corner one of which looks like the wire marked with black tape. Did you see that?

I would check if the multi strand neutral is terminated under the correct lug. I’m not sure about that but I know how to find out.

Are your $1200 clients happy when you call out a little paint on the side of the panel and on a wire? Just curious.

Good, now answer the question(s).

M**ost of his clients are attorneys and they do love him. If they did not he would not be doing two or three a week a that price. **

That’s a shadow, happens with my camera too. The black tape is marking the ungrounded conductor as such, it is required.

Focus on what you can see, not what you can’t…you found one, what about the other two Mr. Genius?

Happier than hiring a hack who can’t find 3 code violations right in front of his face :wink:

Sorry, I’m not here to answer your questions, figure it out yourself, you’re an inspector.

You may or may not agree with Robert (his real name), but IMO I have found him not to be a liar!

I don’t think anyone is saying that Robert doesn’t believe what he is saying.

They’re (including me) only questioning what he is saying. :wink:

And as a NON-member posting in an authoritative manner, members have the right to know the qualifications of the poster. IMO, his words don’t mean crap without disclosure of his creds.

Typical Florida loser!

I know what the black tape is for and I would take a closer look at that “shadow”

So help out a lowly hack and tell us what you see.