Double Tap??

When the utility provider double taps for the on-call box is that “legal” or does anyone still call this out as a double tap? Usually they are attached with a tail and wire nut. Wasn’t sure if this is even a risk or not??

Looks like a double tap to me.

That is a double tap. Call it out for correction by a qualified electrical contractor. Also FYI some breakers are rated for double taps. I believe it is some Square D single pole breakers are rated for two conductors.

Thank you for the info. I am aware of the Square D “legal” double taps although they still need to be properly sized.(such as two 14 gauge wires instead of one 12 for a 20 amp breaker.) I have seen other inspectors call those out though. Just wasn’t sure if this one was ok simply because it is not putting additional load on the breaker. I can trace the wire directly to the on-call box.