Is this a double tap?

Hello all,

I am Robert, a new student member thats been lurking around and absorbing info for the past couple of weeks.

Is this a double tap in the lower right breaker? I think it is but would like some help please. thanks…



Two conductors under a single terminal that is rated for one conductor = “double tap”

Here’s another example for you… :slight_smile:

thank you gentlemen…

I can’t tell for certain if where this exits the panel if it has a cable clamp. (wire nut in way). Since this looks like an add on circuit (by an amateur?) I would not doubt if it is missing. Looks like they do have room for one more breaker…lucked out.

What you’re seeing in photo #2 is the leads to a small transformer likely for a door bell.

more helpful food for thought…thank you:)

Regardless of the reason, unless the device is rated for multiple conductors you would have a double tap. Easy to fix with a twist connector but alas…you report, they get fixed:)

Cats and dogs get fixed hows about a repair:p:D

What Pope said is exactly right. If “terminal that is rated for one conductor”. There are a few brands that are rated for 2 conductors. Square D QO and Homeline breakers 10 to 30 amp, single and double pole can have (2) 14-10 gauge wire. And there is a Cutler Hammer breaker as well. The ones in your pic are GE, so they knew for sure it was “double tapped”. In future inspections, take note of the brand and model, as well as the panel box to see if the UL listing allows that type of breaker.