Double Tapped Service ??

Not sure is this is ok. (2) #2 copper service conductors to a 150 amp panel. Not sure if this is legit or considered a double tap. The wires collectively serve well over the 150 amp service size but is it ok to have them installed on a single lug?

The two conductors is not a problem.
The two conductors to a single lug is not a problem.
But that particular lug is not designed for two conductors… you do need to have proper lug.

And in that panel, there appears to be no easy way to change the lug.

So is wrong as wired.

Not allowed Also needs a plastic bushing

Thank you both very much. My suspicions are correct. I did not know they made a specific lug for legal double taps other than on the breakers unless you mean a bar that splits into two individual lugs.

Looks like they used parallel conductors to achieve the 150 amps. As stated this would be permitted by using the proper lugs but the minimum conductor size would need to be #1/0 for parallel conductors.

#2 copper x 2 is not enough?

Ampacity wise that would work but the NEC limits parallel conductors to no smaller than #1/0.

Awesome. Thank you for the info.

Thanks… as not American I do not like to second guess code… although a lot of it is the same as or very similar to ours.

Btw… correct terminology would be “double lugged”. Breakers would be “double tapped”.

Just sayin’ :wink: