Double Tapped???

Can anyone explain this situation. It appears to me that each circuit breaker is double tapped, but there also appears to be an unused breaker in between each breaker that is wired. Is this double tapping or is each wired breaker connected somehow to the unwired breaker next to it? Thanks for any help.

Strange yes they are double tapped . I wonder if one feed leg is now dead and they have moved the wire onto a live leg .
This not good and needs to be repaired by an Electrician immediately.
Hazard this causes the neutral to carry a double load and could lead to a fire .
Please go to control panel top left and fill in your information Thanks … Roy

I would guess that originally they were set up as MWBC’s and instead of using two pole CB’s or handle ties on individual CB’s they put them on the same breaker. If the black and red conductors landed on the same CB are from the same cable there is no problem with the neutral being overloaded but as Roy stated you cannot have two conductors on those CB’s.

Sorry you are correct about the neutral …Thanks Roy

You’re correct that it’s still worth investigating because who knows how someone wired those double taps.

Is this a sub panel? If so there are other issues with it.

Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I will recommend eval by a licensed electrician.