Double tap?

Inspected a cutler hammer service panel yesterday and on one circuit breaker they had what appeared to be a double tap. After examining it closer, the second tap was actually connected to a grounding wire. The neutral was already connected to the bonding bar. Fairly new so wanted some expert advice. I know it could not be a normal double tap but is this OK and just redundancy?

I’m sorry that makes no sense.

Please post a picture.

A picture would help.

A breaker cannot be connected to a “grounding” wire.

What was labeled on the breaker, could it have been an arc fault breaker?

Either a GFCI or AFCI breaker. A photo would help. :wink:

I will post a photo when I get to my computer.

Here is a picture that shows the double tap on the lower right cb. The ground it connects to is on the bottom right.

Larry you sure that wire isn’t going into the conduit and feeding another circuit/device elsewhere?


That does look like a double-tap from your picture, but there’s no way that either of these could be connected to a “grounding conductor.” The breaker could not reset, or the conductor would burn up - simple as that.

In any event, the double tap is improper.

Yes there is an issue with the bottom right CB and the two white conductors under the same screw terminal on the neutral bar.

Thanks for all the replies. Obviously several issues here-time for a recommendation for an electrician to correct.