Same circuit double tap

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I don’t calls from electricians however I wrote it up that neutrals and appliance grounds were doubled tapped under the same lug in a main service panel. Electrician, nice guy, calls me up and says that’s okay if it’s for the same circuit what are your thoughts on that? I tried to explain that its required the circuit to be grounded at all times while being worked on but he was pretty sure it could be done. There was no more room on the bus bar so he’s going to write it up that it’s okay as long as the ground and neutral are for the same circuit I said well you’re the electrician do what you have to do and warranty it.

The electrician is incorrect. Good discussion here:

It doesn’t matter same circuit or not. The electrician is wrong.

I believe he should read the IRC E3706.4 or NEC 408.41. I might be wrong, but don’t think so. (I only use code references when a tradesman argues with me).

Besides code they can also read the panel manufacturers instructions.

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Was out shoveling snow for hopefully the last time, good to hear we all agree.

While that is a good reference, it just applies to *grounded *conductors. I know it sounds funny in comparison to hot and neutral, but we are dealing with ungrounded conductors.

I would reference the listing of the OCPD , which would be closer to a yes/no than the NEC’s roundabout logic

There are some OCPDs that are listed to accommodate ‘double taps’ , iirc, Sq D QO is one of them, but the majority are not

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Isn’t the OP is asking about neutrals and equipment grounding conductors not ungrounded conductors?

The OP was asking about grounded and grounding conductors.

I have discovered double taps on the ground wires in my box here at the house and I dont recall the inspector calling them out and it is not in his report. Maybe he missed it…In these pictures he did note the bushing at the feed entrance on top and the sticker indicating the amps for the box…Fortunately there is room to correct the double taps and that’s on the "ToDo list here…Thanks for all the info I’m getting here.

The doubled grounding conductors are not an issue on most panels. Check the label.