Double taps? I just want to make sure

Do the connections look like this?:

Don’t look like it Larry.

Then it is not good, eh, Marcel?

My old eyes are better than none. :smiley:

The bottom right Challenger breaker the 2 wires are twisted together. Not designed for 2 wire.

Looks like it. If the breaker is not labeled that it it designed to carry two wires then it is a defect. Repair options are to connect the two offending hot wires with a wire nut and run a single pigtail hot wire to the breaker, or install a breaker if there is room for another breaker. If not, install tandem (1/2 size) breakers if the box is labeled to accept them. Of course you also recommend repair to be done by a qualified electrician. Basically, if the breaker isn’t labeled to carry two wires, it’s a double tap. I just saw my first triple tap the other day during an inspection!

Also what about the mismatched breakers? Didn’t see panel manufacturer but I see majority are Cutler Hammer.