Double TPR

Here’s a good one. I like that they used a second TPR instead of a 90 deg bend. The question is, do we think this is dangerous? It’s clearly improper.
My thought was that it is dangerous as it may require more pressure to build up before it will actually release, but i’m not up on my engineering enough to know whether that’s really the case.

That’s just stupid.

The second TPR is acting a a check valve in the wrong direction.

Yes it’s very Dangerous as effectively there is no TPR.

Yes, this part of we does. :shock:

We say it’s a lot cheaper to just buy and install a plug

That’s what all of these components have accomplished

very very not good…and then some…

It certainly defies the manufacturer’s installation instructions…should there be an argument anywhere.

You may as well had sweated a cap on the end of it.

Safety Issue, Repair: I recommend removing the TPR valve installed within the discharge piping. TPR dip tub must be positioned within the top 8 in. of water heater to be effective. Present installation could cause injury/death.

Why sweat it when you can screw it…

The temperature relief valve, required and designed to prevent the water heater from exploding, is incorrectly installed. Recommend that a qualified plumber be contracted to repair or replace as necessary.

The Temperature Pressure Relief valve required and designed to prevent the water heater from exploding is correctly installed… However, the other TPR valve installed within the discharge tube isn’t and could cause injury/death.

I recommend that a licensed plumber be contacted promptly for appropriate repairs.


Typo or misinformation
6" not 8"

Watts **
Correct Installation of T&P Relief Valves
Important Instructions: Relief Valves and Automatic Gas Shut-Off Devices **
Combination temperature and pressure relief valves with extension thermostats must be installed so that the temperature-sensing element is immersed in the water within the top 6" (152mm) of the water storage tank. They must be installed either in the hot outlet service line or directly in a tank tapping. Combination temperature and pressure relief valves that do not have extension elements must be mounted directly in a tank tapping located within the top 6" (152mm) of the water storage tank. Valves must be located so as to assure isolation from flue gas heat or other ambient conditions that are not indicative of stored water temperature.

Neither, it’s actually 5 7/8 inches according to some local buildling code but will an inch or two make that much of a difference…

Crap, I hadn’t actually noticed the second was going the wrong way, VERY BAD. Gotta call the realtor back. Thanks guys.

You may also want to consider amending the report to your client. A verbal warning is not sufficient, IMO.

Most definitely dangerous, first of all it is backwards, you need to report this guy before he gets someone hurt or worse. :shock:

Also ask them to email you back to confirm they got the message in writing, plus drop a line to the seller and let them know.

The original was probably leaking, and the guy thought he would just take the easy and fast way to correct it, TPRV’s are way more expensive than an elbow, so I doubt that’s why they did it.

Just use a zip tie to hold the second one open…

All’s Ok!

couldn’t resist… sorry.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Haven’t seen that.