water heater TPR valve

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I just inspected a home today and the TPR valve configuration looks a little bit weird. Do you think this is violation of the code?

Thanks for any comments


Yes, refer it to a plumber. No valve or multiple terminations or traps allowed(with valve closed water is potentially trapped) and the length is too short.

While I know it’s wrong, unfortunately I see similar setups here 90% of the time (even on new construction). I still write it up.

Thanks for all of your comments. The pipe actually lead to a discharge point outside. I guess it is still wrong when it has so many joints on the pipe?

It can be a bomb/missile waiting to happen…:shock::frowning:

It cannot run uphill, it traps water.

As others have said, it is incorrect. I suspect an easy fix, would be to relocate the valve to the top of the unit, if there is a provision, and then the existing pipe to the exterior could be used.

Why in the heck did they do it that way ?
a lot of extras there for on reason .
Robert ask the next time you see it in new construction.

Yes needs immediate repair


[FONT=Verdana]No way can you be too critical with a water heater .

They can destroy the home and kill





On you own heater do you test the valve periodically ?
I do.

Probably the same reason for this.

Picture 2 is the result of testing the tpr valve.

Have not so I took your advice and it worked great 3 year old tank just did not shut off slow drip .
,Finally got It to stop hope you sleep well tonight you got me a good one .

Haha ! Oh Hell !

My report .
Upon arriving at the Cooke Home I discover Mr. Cooke running frantically around his H2O heater.
I appears as this owner could not shut off the TPR valve.
After further evaluation we discovered he in fact Mr. Cooke was a Home Inspector and knew better that to mess with the darn thing.
Mr. Cooke informed this inspector that he was told by a reliable source that testing the TPR on occasion was the proper thing to do.
I informed Mr. Cooke to not believe everything he heard on these so call professional forums because professionalism was lacking highly there at the present time. .
We recommend a full psychological examination by a state licensed professional .
And to get a qualified plumber out there to fix the darn thing before he screws the whole darn thing up.
Roy Lewis
1st Pro Home Inspection.

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Great life more should enjoy it like you ,I, and a few others do.

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