Doubler limit in panel?

I seem to rememeber a limit of 6 for the amount of Criciut breaker doublers that could be used in a panel. Does anyone have a reference conferming or denying? Thanks.

The label on the cover should show that information. Looks like a 40 circuit panel currently with 39 circuits in it.

Some panels do not allow tandems. Check the label.

Sq D Homeline panels should have a rejection feature where you cannot install more twin breakers than the panel is listed for.

Always check the legend on the panel door or inside for which circuits allow doubling. Sometimes the legend is hidden, which in that case can only recommend electrician evaluate.

And while you’re looking at the manufacturer’s label take a photo of it too. :smiley:

Unless someone uses non-ctl breakers.

There are rejection clips on the back of approved ctl breakers that limit their use to ctl approved slots only. The only problem is that they can be snapped off and then be inserted into any slot.
Back to the original question. There is nothing in the NEC code that I can find that limits the number of tandem breakers to six. There used to be a limit of 42 circuits in a main panel enclosure but that went away in '08. The enclosure must be UL listed for ctl breakers and the panel schematic will show the approved slot locations for tandem breakers.
Here is another StructureTech article that does a great job explaining this with great photos.

Since this is Homeline panel I’m guessing that there no such thing as a Homeline non-CTL replacement CB. If I remember correctly the Homeline series was introduced after the CTL only listing for panelboards came about. I don’t believe that Sq D actually makes a non-CTL Homeline CB but I could be wrong.

That QO panel is most likely a 30/40.


Thanks guys.

I know the photo is blurry but look again, those are not QO CB’s.

Definitely Square D Homeline.

Oops…you’re right. Thought I saw windows.


I don’t think we use the term “doublers” up here. What do you mean?
Is it a breaker controlling a multi-wire circuit?

Tandom or mini’s.
Not allowed in chicago but allows more breakers to fit on a panel to avoid need for a sidecar or sub-panel.
Remote distrubution panel for hard liners.

I’m not sure. Could someone please tell me if I can have a twin breaker in this panel?

No, according to the label.

No, according to the label.

Now, this label, near the bottom, allows tandems:

See the difference?

Thanks Larry,
I kinda thought so, But I had to double check