Square D Double Breakers

I have never seen this type of breaker. Each breaker has 2 breakers on it. Has anyone ever seen these breakers?

. Are there any concerns with them.

Yes, see them all the time.

Square D tandem breaker. The panel legend should let you know if its approved for this particular panel as tandems aren’t always approved. There is typically a model number which also will indicate how many circuits are allowed. For example if your panel has 20 circuit spaces and the model number says 2040 its likely that it allows for 20 breakers of which are also tandem breakers, if its 2020, then that answer would be no, they’re not allowed. The legend will also have other indicators or even graphics that indicate where they’re approved.

Tandem circuit breakers allow for two circuits to be installed on a panel board in one circuit breaker space, they’re typically used after a panelboard has been filled to capacity with standard circuit breakers. Tandem circuit breakers also increase the total load on the bus bars in a panel board.

If approved for this use, tandem circuit breakers may be an indication that the panelboard has reached capacity and the need for a sub-panel installation may be a necessity in the future.

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Thanks for the info. I have never seen a tandem breaker like this they are typically side by side.

Simply the older style of tandem. Probably non-CTL.

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