Douglas Fir-Larch (One species or 2) Slightly Confused

Hello to all. I’m not an inspector, just a newbie remodeler trying to get an interpretation of the code. Please help if you can.
In my 2015 IRC code book,…(Floor Joist Span R502.3.1) it has Douglas fir-larch listed as a species. Is this one species or is it saying I can use either the Douglas Fir or Larch species? Thanks in advance. Very much appreciated.

Two separate species.


Thanks for the response Jeff. It is much appreciated. So Douglas Fir-Larch means I can use either species for installation of flooring joists based on the 2015 IRC R502.3.1 table?

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I do not have the 2015. Here my table 2018. Assuming the table is unchanged, it appears they group these two species together and the table can be used interchangeably for each.

Most of us are not code inspectors, so for further clarification or confirmation I would contact your local bldg department.

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Roger that Brian. I sent an email this morning but won’t get confirmation and/or clarification until hopefully tomorrow. I appreciate the response.

Short answer is YES.
For more information regarding construction with wood, visit the American Wood Council (AWC)

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