Lumber Grade Stamps. Please proof this new construction inspection article.

Lumber Grade Stamps

Nick, really good article. I noticed something in the notes section that may or may not be relevant.

Some types of engineered lumber, such as Timberstrand, are unacceptable for use as joists. They can be used for rim joists where they bear along their entire length on the foundation, but they perform poorly under tension. If this condition is spotted while evaluating framing, it should be called out as a defect. Photos are critical for identification purposes.

Timberstrand LSL is used as wall studs from time to time. I attached a pdf about it.


I totally agree, it’s been removed, thanks!

Good find James.

I also find a descrepancy in the Grading Associations and not sure why.
I come up with seven.

**[FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=1][size=3]Rules-writing agencies
**[/size][/size][/FONT][FONT=ArialMT]Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association
Northern Softwood Lumber Bureau (NSLB)
Redwood Inspection Service (RIS)
Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB)
West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB)
Western Wood Products Association (WWPA)
National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA)

I think the last one is for British Columbia, but since most of the lumber in my area and neighboring states to Canada come from there it should be included. :slight_smile:

The article is already published in the list of inspector articles. The critique is much about nothing.:roll:

Do you think it is worth mentioning the D-BLAZE notation for flame resistant lumber?

I added that one in.

Find me a link to a grade stamp with D-Blaze on it :nosy:

Thanks, Rob. :slight_smile:

Mike, he is looking for the grade mark, I have been on that site for 1/2 hour and can’t find it.
It seems it is more of a treatment than a grading, so would explain it is not part of the seven grade ruling associations. :slight_smile:

Good job Mike, I could not find it.

Rob said he needed the link. :slight_smile:

Well you put me in my place for sure. Dumbfounded :raised:

I hope Nick sees I’m doing this past 1 AM

Thank you for finding the link Mike. I had to go to bed since I am usually up at 4am.