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The professional version and the home version are practically identical except that the professional version will allow you to dictate into your smart phone (or other digital recording device) and transcribe it later.

I use a voice recorder on my phone that only records when I speak (" smart voice recorder"). I can dictate on-site discrepancies and cut and paste them into HIP where needed.

A whole lot less time-consuming than hunting and pecking for a narrative that may not completely apply to the situation at hand.

Anyone know of a remote Bluetooth microphone application for android?

I would really like to keep my hands-free and off of my phone is much as possible.

Not the app between your phone and computer, headset to telephone is what I need.

S-Voice for Samsung

Utter! for other androids.

It looks like this one is free: http://www.nuance.com/dragon/remote-microphone/index.htm#!sysreq_android

From: https://www.google.com/#q=dragon+remote+microphone+bluetooth

Dragon Remote Microphone Application | Nuance
Nuance Communications
The free Dragon Remote Microphone application for iOS and Android lets turns your mobile device into a wireless mic.

Larry, That lets you talk to your pc through your phone (as a mic).

Also most Bluetooth programs that say you can record through Bluetooth to your phone, only do it in the phone mode. Not into another app.

If I’m holding and talking into my phone anyway, I’d just as soon dictate to a recording device and transcribe the file into Dragon. Looking for a remote Bluetooth Mic so I can leave my phone in my pocket or outside a harsh environment.

Almost all phones will hijack the bluetooth device for the phone and not let you access the other apps.

No idea how you mobile guys can get enough juice for a inspection anymore with Samsung eliminating batteries.

Seems mobile tech is going backwards.

Do not say tethering is a good solution please.

David, you are looking at the problem the wrong way round. The problem isn’t the Bluetooth program not allowing the phone to talk to the app, it’s the app doesn’t use standard hooks to the voice system.

Sure there are some Bluetoooth programs that also don’t use the voice hooks and choose to talk directly to the phone only, but if you search out the apps that use the standard API’s for android, you’ll find less issues.

For example, on the Samsung S4, S-Voice will interact with Google, the Phone, voice recorder, and text to speech.

It will not interact with the ovice recorder on Homegauge, but that’s because Homegauge doesn’t use the standard API to allow the S-Voice app to interact.

It’s not the Bluetooth or the phones fault, it’s the fault of HomeGauge.

If you could explain a little more of what you are actually trying to do, I might be able to help you source the apps that will work for your needs.


What Bluetooth device are you using to talk (ear-piece, car-phone (sync etc.), keyboard, etc.)
When it pairs with the phone what does it say it has access to?
What applications are you trying to control/manipulate via the Bluetooth device?
Do you have any security apps on your mobile device?

I am trying to talk to a voice recorder through my bluetooth headset. I just got a new phone, so I will check other newer options available. I’m reloading my programs as we speak.

The voice recorder ops 2 the phone’s microphone rather than the Bluetooth. A lot of people have been having this problem on the internet, I’ve gone through serval tries but have not found a way to talk to my phone when its in my pocket through a Bluetooth device. I’m just trying to make a remote microphone set up to the phone.

Let me do some research for you. I’ll get back if I find anything that will help.

Just a quick question, have you tried a wired headset connected to the headphone jack? If this works, then there are Bluetooth version of this that have a receiver that plugs into the jack. That might work for you.