tech upgrades ?'s

I have two questions and yes I know that they could be seperate post, just thinking out loud this a.m.

Is any one using a cf camera for their pda or tablet?

Is anyone using Dragon speak, Homegauge user please speak up, for filling in the report and how is it for navigating the software?


Personally from what I’ve heard of people using dragon naturally speaking for any inspection program is that in the long run it just takes up too much time. There’s too much repeating what you’re saying. There’s also MANY times where you don’t want to vocalize a problem that your’re entering into the report. Imagine the real estate agent overhearing some of the things you are saying. Of course you’re going to cause more conflict as they are going to keep trying to talk you out of it, or at least argue with you. You also sound silly saying ‘go back’, ‘erase that’.

Dragon will of course work with any program.

The resolution on that camera looks like it will be fine for any reporting program as it’s more than the actual reports are going to use.

If you’re asking PDA vs Tablet, that’s a whole other discussion :smiley:

Bruce, check with Mark Roe on the camera thing. He’s pretty happy & proud of his setup.

I sometimes use Dragon and found it to be a life saver as I just learned to type.
Having G chats with Dominic has helped keep me on my toes with keyboard however.
I love using Dragon on occasions where I want to do a deep thought piece that requires my mind , digging into something which is bothered by the distraction of typing.
I know from the MB that RR uses it extensivly.

I do not know how that model works but sometimes these multi task devises are not great.