Drain cover on roof venting

So has anybody every seen this before?? They installed a drain cap on the vent. I assume ( yeah I know don’t assume) they did this to prevent tree debris from entering the piping.

I don’t have a problem with it.

I feel like that could plug up pretty easy. There are better options for sure.

What are they?


But my question is “is it really a problem?”

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If PVC you can easily put on a T, or two 90 degree elbows to point down. Also there are covers designed for the purpose like Brian posted. You can also just do something like this…


I don’t see a problem the one the OP posted.

You probably don’t see a lot of snow and ice.


I don’t…

Ah, there we go. I was considering debris as the main culprit. Certainly the flat top in the OP’s photo would likely be a problem for you polar bears.

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Would that be similiar to how a screen or a grate affects the amount of airflow?


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I concur. Not only overhead debris but rodents, critters and vermin.
As well it may/could impede atmospheric pressure causing sewer gas to enter the building.
Plumbing vents require air pressure for working. Without air pressure waste will not move through the pipe. Poor air pressure will cause back circulation of sewer gases into your home.
Remove the cap and install a suitable plumbing flange cap.

I would be worried and the neoprene flex collar at the base of the flange. Appears there is a gap that can allow moisture to enter.

plumbing vent flashing issue

Yes I saw that also and noted it on the report, Thanks

Nothing is needed up there.


That’s a slip over replacement gasket which was caulked down over the old gasket because the original one was likely cracked. It’s an easier way to replace the gasket and not have to tear up the shingles.

Around here folks do these kinds of things to keep the tree frogs (sticky toads) out of the line (and out of the toilets).

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I don’t see a problem with it although IMO there are better options.