New Style Vent Stack Cover?

Does anyone know if this is a legitimate vent stack cover? It looks like stainless steel. The wires are braided and it is also held by stainless steel hose clamps. Maybe they use them in some locales to keep critters from getting down the pipe. I’ve never seen one before.

Take that you rodents! We need these in Baltimore!!!

Seriously though, this is fabricated and not available for purchase elsewhere. The real question is what motivated this armored approach in the first place? Snakes??? I’ve seen them crawl up trees before and almost got bit in the face by one perched atop an exterior door jamb once, but that was in Arkansas. Rats and squirrels are the problem up here.

An alternative approach would be to backfit with a Studor vent if possible. That will remove this point of entry at least. If that isn’t an option, cut back the tree limbs from the house so that it increases the degree of difficulty for the critters to get there.


Looks like they cut it from a braided flexible exhaust coupler.

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It looks like an upside down wicker basket :wink:.

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Looks pretty smart even if not engineered. As long as there’s enough airflow, but with that braid it looks like there should be… Why don’t vent stacks have grates over them to begin with?

They don’t put grates on them for the same reason there shouldn’t be grates on dryer vents. They will clog with algae, leaves, and other doo-doo if given a chance. This post reminded me of something I’ve seen before long ago when vent pipes were covered in lead sheathing for protection from corrosion. Oh the memories, so hard to find good lead anymore–unless of course you’re dodging bullets in southeast…

That’s gonna hold water and debris at the inside base of the penetration.

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