Draw inspection companies changing %

I saw this one on another post. I was just out at a site 2 weeks ago and completed a draw inspection for Trinity. Today I get a call from builder/owner, they are not giving him $ for certain items. He is pissed off-not at me, at the loan company/and or draw company.
Since several items that he is not getting money for are ones I showed completed-I look like the one not doing my job. This really makes me wonder if the draw inspections are worth it-this is the 3rd time in the last year I have had irate calls from builders when its the draw/loan company changing percentages.
Any one else not doing draw inspections for this reason?

I have had that same discussion with my company and we are working on a way of notifying me if they audit my inspections. It has happened a few times but the changes were small, 5% up or down. It is a real judgement call sometimes when you are called in to inspect and the subs are still working. Not having access to the building plans [nor wanting to spend that much time] it is sometimes difficult to know if an open floor space is in fact open or not finished. Number of windows/doors on-site vs installed can also be tricky. I take a lot of pictures so it allows the company to look over my shoulder. I don’t have a major problem with a change as long as I agree with the change. If they do something I don’t agree with then we will need to discuss it. I have also seen draw sheets with 20-25 line items and some with 5-10. Not sure who comes up with the line items but I guess it is between the owner/builder and the bank.


Biggest problem I have is requesting the same thing over and over.

Had some this Winter that kept asking for exterior paint completion percentages. Three times. I called the draw company and asked what’s the deal? They said the lender picks a draw schedule from a template that they think is closest. Not sure I believe it because every draw schedule uses different terms for the same items. There doesn’t seem to be a standard set of terms from the lenders perspective. It is definitely a guess sometimes but I alway guess low to CMA.

I’ve been called once by the draw company on what I reported. It was my mistake, a simple error. My pictures showed that they were right to question me. No big deal.

P.S. I have never been asked by the builder about what percentages I am reporting.

I went out on one Tuesday where the builder was the homeowner and it was the first time that I felt pressure. I told him “it is what it is”. I told him I take 50 to 125 pics to back up my reports and my “boss” audits my reports. Funny thing is I did the math concerning number of windows and doors installed/waiting to be installed and backordered. I gave my best estimate and the auditor bumped mine by 5% so I am conservative with my %. I agree that the draw sheet line items need to be uniform. I have had some that said “Framing” and others that said “First and second floor framing” and “Roof framed and sheathed” as two items.


I have one today that is similar on a one story home with a full basement. I gave credit last time for the first floor framing only and made a note that it is a one story home. Came back this time a few weeks later with the same request for:
Frame: Second Floor System and Walls.

This must be the basement level but last time there was no concrete floor and only exterior block walls on three sides and 1 exterior frame wall that walked out to the yard. Funny thing is that both first floor and second floor dollar amounts where the same. I have come to the conclusion that the people making the draw schedule don’t get it. Adding notes and concerns to the report seems to do no good. I wonder if anyone reads them.:roll:

Something is going on out there as money gets tight. Training and warning type emails are coming from the draw companies. Be careful and report what you see.

Something is going on out there as money gets tight. Training and warning type emails are coming from the draw companies. Be careful and report what you see. You been getting these too?

I got one from a company I signed up with talking about “If I am subponed into court blah blah” but I have not gotten one job from them. My main company is real good. A father and son business. Got his cell # and any questions he is there…


I think we all have. Stuff about legal actions and having to produce your field notes etc. I keep very few field notes. I take pics and make sure I address the requested item. I also give credit for non requested items if there is progress.

Ok, just got the call to do another draw on this one. I checked with the Qc person and they didn’t change anything from my last report. So, its the lender giving the builder/owner a hard time.
Oh, well, I still don’t like being caught in the middle. :roll:

I’ve had the same issue several times this winter also,
where “what I put down” is not “what they ended up with”

I explain to the folks I might encounter, (most Draws I’m alone) that the lender will make the final determination, and they typically have a staff of folks who do the analysis,
so it can vary.

I don’t share any of the percentages with anyone onsite though.
I don’t think they want any kind of engagement with anyone anyways.

Since I just take all my pictures onsite, I’m in and out of there ASAP,
and make the percentage determinations back at the office at time of upload.

I take a lot of pictures but I am finding that I spend more time preparing my pictures and captions and uploading then time on the ground doing the inspection. My company’s process works like this:
You go on-line to the web site, log in and you see all of your draw requests that are pending. Select the account and you see the individual line items with a drop down box with 5% increments and a comment area. You also have a general comments area at the bottom. Once this is done you go to the pic upload area where you upload your pics 4 at a time. You select where to get what pic by using the standard “browse” button and you can add a caption if you want. I always do. I have had jobs [final inspections] that had 130 pics! It takes a while to get all that uploaded. Is that about the same for you guys?

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I am told that some of the loan companies (contrywide, etc) are tightning up.

Used to be, say, for the brick veneer, that I would see the stuff materials on site and one or two courses laid, I would give 20 to 30% and the company would approve it. Now, they won’t pay until the brick is 100% complete.

Tight money and contractors gotta carry the costs longer.

Just the times, I guess.

I keep/take zero notes. I don’t even print out the request sheet. I complete the inspection and upload photos & percentages before I drive off. Just one advantage of being “wireless.”

I’ve never had the Lender or QC change any of my percentages, but I often get requests for the same item over, and over again. Even items that have previously been funded at 100%.

I think this has more to do with the communication (or lack thereof) between the lenders and builders.

I am “weening” draw inspections as we speak. They have slowed down anyhow, and have become more of a PIA. I’m sure I know of the post you are speaking of.

I don’t like being the so-called “middle man”, especially when you have pissed off subs and builders that want their money. People have been “shot” for that. When the builders start to get “personal” with me in a threatening way, thats when I decide the $40 or so bucks is not worth it.

Wholly cow! They’re lucky to get 12 pictures from me, and that’s on the big jobs. No comments, no captions, no editing (other than resizing them), nothing. Pictures and percentages. 15 minutes on site and I’m done.

This is my third month doing draws and untill I feel comfortable with my process and % I will upload more pics.
130 was a lot of pics.


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