Strange Draw Inspection Experience

I’m fairly new to doing these inspections and am curious if anyone else has had something this come up: I’ve made about 6 monthly trips to the same site and very little changes each time. There’s usually a guy or two and a a piece of equipment doing retaining walls, etc. Last month they finally got some footing and foundation work done and I estimated it at 20%. This month I open up the report and under “footings/foundation” it says 70%. I panicked and thought I made a mistake last month but upon calling was told, “someone on our team changed it.” The person on the phone was confused too and said she’d definitely look into it. The pictures are VERY clear that there is hardly any foundation present. I guess my question is do the lenders or these draw inspection companies ever change things on you? Seems odd… bordering on fraudulent.

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I hope you have a copy of the report prior to the changes. I would send this to a couple of people above your contacts pay grade and see what happens. You might get fired, lol.

Those types of inspections are not worth the money Takes too much time and not worth the effort

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Depends on who you do them for. I am paid between $450.00-$600.00 per draw.

And it’s even more confusing if there’s some poured foundations, but not others.
Usually they try to minimize the number of concrete truck runs…

Sounds like more than one operator is playing games here.

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Yeah, it’s a weird situation all the way around. Every time I arrive there is someone doing something but 6 months has gone by and very little is actually done. The builder has +/- 20 more lots in the neighborhood and seems to have built a lot nearby already so I’m not suspecting financial trouble but who knows.

On a draw are you allowed to/encouraged to/prohibited from interacting with the on site job supervisor? Have you spoken to these ghost workers?

Maybe they’re just paid by the hour and milking it…

I’ve never read or heard anything preventing me from talking to people onsite and often do chat a bit. The guys I run across are usually just hourly types and there doesn’t seem to be any real supervision. The whole thing is kind of a PITA and I only get $100 (granted it literally takes me 10 minutes start to finish once I get there). I’m really hoping they get all the other houses going so I can get multiple inspections on a single trip. Although, at the rate they are going I’ll be retired by the time that happens.

Being new to Maui my inspection biz is slow to startup so it’s something to do. I was joking with my wife and questioning if I knew there was a hundred dollar bill under a rock a jobsite how far would I drive to go get it. That’s kind of what this is.

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I do starting today… I never imagined this would happen.

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Or make it your weekly exercise :slight_smile:

Why was @rlewis5 flagged? This is getting stooopid.


Yes it is.
Who could I report this kind of conduct to.?

This is what I posted.
"Those types of inspections are not worth the money. Takes too much time and not worth the effort."


They are not worth the time or money to me also. Maybe I am going to get flagged???


I do a few high end residental draws, but mostly I do commercial draws. I always contact the builder/site super on residential and commercial. Ask a few questions and let them know I will be at the site on X day at Y time. Commercial is a great deal different. But, on both if you are not working directly for the bank/owner you are just collecting data and it will be reviewed and is subject to change. Many times when a project is young or if they are having to do a large amount of site prep to start the foundation and then vertical construction, the percentage of completion will be out of wack compaired to the amount of the draw to date.


Thanks Scott… good info. Yeah, it’s strange - I marked excavation 100% since the lot was cleared, no piles of material anywhere, no equipment… it looked like it was ready for foundation. Now, when I come back they are digging for a pool and doing a bunch more excavation, moving material around, etc.

Y’ad think the draw inspection company would give U a copy of the plans… that is if these clowns are using plans.