Draw inspection " Foundation electrical" question

I did a draw inspection today. It wants percentages completed specifically for four things: clearing/grading, foundation, foundation plumbing, and foundation electrical. I took pictures of the slab. I saw a lot of foundation plumbing, but I didn’t see anything resembling electrical work. The foundation electrical costs more than the foundation plumbing (the dollar amount is listed on the inspection report). Does anyone know what I should be looking for? Is there some kind of electrical work that hasn’t been done yet to the foundation? Thanks for the information.

What company was it for?.

Hi to all,

Les, was the structure being fed by a service lateral, was the grounding system into the slab (Ufer ground), did the slab have conduit installed for conductors to be pulled through?



If this is a residence they are probably referring to the Ufer.

The foundation plumbing costs $5,000 and the foundation electrical cost $7,000. Since I was specifically asked to look for foundation electrical by the lender, it must have been part of the foundation work. So, since the foundation has been poured, the foundation electrical must have been installed. Is that how you would read this?

Were some of the pipes emerging from the foundation whit enad some gray. If so, the gray ones are electrical conduits.

The “foundation” electrical will include the lateral and any circuits that are routed underground. There will be electrical stub-ups if that is the case, but for $7000, you probably won’t get much more than a lateral.

This may be a novel concept for “home” inspectors but what is on the plan?
That kind of money sounds like either extensive underslab wiring or they just lumped the service lateral into the “foundation”. Most of the money is really in the wire and I would be surprised if that showed up any earlier than necessary. The raceways should be in tho.
Push comes to shove they can usually go overhead with most electrical but things like floor boxes have to be roughed in or they are cutting concrete.
BTW I do know some electricians who prefer to cut in the raceway after the slab is down since the chance of it being damaged is less and the customer may end up moving the box anyway.

Thanks for the information. My question has been answered.