Draw or progress inspection?

Just getting into the business, and I get a call from a Digital Draw Network out of Utah, (I’m in NC). They apparently have 4200 inspectors working for them nationwide, and were asking me to join the team.
What they want is for me to go out to their construction site at different stages of it’s construction, and give a progress report. This is so the lender can justify giving more money as the house progresses along.
It is a fully electronic (email) report that is supposed to take only about 15min, and the inspection itself is also only about 15-20 minutes. Digital photos are taken also.
Has anyone ever done this kind of work? They are saying that they usually pay 40 bucks per inspection, and that you may go out to the site 4-8 times.
I know the money isnt very good, but I’m new to this and was thinking the experience would be good.
Any thoughts?

I have worked around digital draw inspectors. Some of their money is made directly from the GC, if you get my drift.

lol…well I do some for them IF they are on my way to a job so I am selective. Yes, they pay 40.00 and well.....they hardly have any in my area but they do have (3) going right now...all seem to come at the same time so......I spend like 15 minutes on each one.... 40.00 a pop…then off the job site…or I have done one at lunch before also…

No the money is not good…but if they are close and on your way to something…not too bad for taking a few pictures and so on…

Had one slip me a $ 500.00 bill one time…( just kidding…lol… )

If you are new and they have many in your area it can be a nice little extra thing for you…but I would not consider it a cash cow or anything…like I said I have done a few for them…

Yes, once you do a house for them you are the one they usually want back so technically you can get about 6-8 inspections out of one house…for about 15-20 minutes of your time…

great info, I appreciate it.
They have one right now that is about a 45 min drive from me. They said they realized the regular 40 dollars wouldnt cover this and said I could give them a figure for the extra gas and time.
It sounds like something to try, since business hasnt taken off yet…I’ll give them a figure and see if they bite:D

I was skeptical that the inspections would only take such a little amount of time…and then the email report…but it sounds like it’s on the level.

Yes, they are on the level…they pay in 30 day cycles and have never once NOT paid for an inspection I have done. Granted I only will do them if they are RIGHT in the city where I am…but for someone starting out it is fine you get your FEET wet as you never know…they may have more in your area.

Lets put it this way…if they had 25 of these a week in my area…I have no problem doing them…:slight_smile:


The ones I work with require photo documentation to back up findings so your implicaton is anecdotal at best.

Your drift seems to be you condone bribes, if you get my drift.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 10 foot drift in my driveway that keeps eating cars…and i need help with it…if anyone gets my drift :wink:

DDN is a good company and one of the few, from what I have read about others, that pay on time. I have worked with them for over a year. No complaints from me.

Same here.

Remember that these are just percentage of completion inspections, not for quality or correctness of the work.

There are several companies out there that do this.

Also remember that it’ll cost you about 50 cents a mile to get there and back just for your vehicle.

BUT BUT BUT, it does get you off your butt and out there meeting people and showing the signs on your vehicle.

As well…all HI’s should be keeping track of your mileage as well as you can put that on your taxes as well. We do it every year with our trucks and so on. So keep track of it…do a daily log but keep track of it.

The other advice I can give to you matt is join NACHI…these are the BEST guys in the world and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of them and hope to meet more of them as I go around the country.

You need to place a foundation under you…NACHI is the one and when you join you are not just joining a association…you are joining a family.

For those that use a pocket PC, laptop or other, I highly recommend this mileage software:


NOW thats what I am talkin about…See MATT…awesome members…Green BOX for you my friend…:slight_smile: Thanks Brian…!!!

I have been keeping a mileage log on a notepad stuffed into the door pocket on my truck.

Actually, I am a candidate member of ASHI:neutral:

As I was preparing for my state test here in NC, all I kept hearing about was ASHI. When I called the state for study material, they suggested a class that had been recorded onto CD, and was on loan for a fee. I get these CD’s and all I keep hearing about is ASHI.
From what I was seeing, ASHI was the only big and reputable association out there.

After sending in my money and getting the “candidate” membership paperwork, I am beginning to wonder if I made the right choice.
I am looking into NACHI as we speak…

I’ve worked for them for about a year, good company, pay on time.
I receive $50 per inspection.
I always bring brochures and business cards with me and pass them out to anyone on the job site for home inspection referrals, might as wall do some marketing while I’m there.

Thanks Paul!

There’s no reason you can’t be members of both associations Matt.

Yes there is !!!

Is not !!!

Is too !!!

Is not !!!

Ooohhh, so many decisions:ouch: :ouch: :ouch:


Hi Matt!

I turn them all down. For some reason I get the ones that are 80 to 200 miles round trip. 2 to 8-hours travel time, expenses, tolls, plus gas, is not worth it to me.