Draw or progress inspection?

Just a few rainy days with mud all over the inspection site and roads in and out, makes these inspections a waste of time. Finding spots to take pictures, cleaning boots and washing the crap off the truck and tires adds to much time for the money.

I will help

Gary, what will you help with?

at what point do you get paid

Do anyone have a drawn up contract for draw inspection that I can use.Today a home owner contacted me to conduct draw inspections on her home been built.

I’ve registered with a handful of these companies, they rush me all this paperwork and than i never here from them again. But i’m in florida, a hi on every street corner, guess someone needs to stop before i get a call.

Well well, you too?!?!
Ouray had alot of snow too, but I’m still getting on every roof but 1.
Digital draw, Trinity, Lenders Choice, they’re all ligit, or at least pay the puny fees for you time (or part of it). DDN has the most difficult uploading process, but it works. I travel a long way to most of these “draw inspections”, and usually make them pay more than $50.00 per home. Sometimes they send me to a large home (15k sq ft plus 12k sq ft of decks) and I charge more for that too. I also turn some down cause it’s only a little gas money.

Have fun with it, if you do these “draw inspections”.


They contacted me this week. I told them $65.00 for each Draw Inspection. They sent me a contract. We’ll see? I’m in the Mobile, Alabama area. 80 Degrees today. Time to go fishing!

Jerome Cartier
Cartier Fine Home Inspections, LLC