DRAWING for thermal infrared camera

FLIR…Yes FLIR…the makers of an AWESOME Thermal Infrared Camera have GIVEN…Yes GIVEN us a thermal infrared camera to GIVE AWAY at our conference in Orlando this year.

FLIR has been a supporter of ours and always REMEMBER to think of FLIR when purchasing a thermal infrared camera. Support those who support you.

It was given to us to raise money for the legislative matters at hand, so here is what has been decided to do for every member who has given money to legislative means in the past and until right now (Nick excluded) will get one chance for every $10 donated. So that means the people who donated $500 will get 50 chances to win.

Here are the pictures of the camera and it is under the close eye of Michelle Shishilla.

2012-03-02 14.07.27.jpg

Nice offer :slight_smile: to those on the same page as you guys:)

Great deal and awesome camera…we own a Flir camera and love it.

Wow, I think I need to up my donations, now!

Well I’m glad that flir is with Us. because i just purchase a E40BX from them.

Now you need to go get another one and start over to get people to donate from now on, I won’t be eligble because I donated today in between. That’s OK. Talk about people not getting the RAFFLE CONCEPT! Geez Russell, come on!:roll: