A New Flir Infrared Camera for FREE?!

Yes it is true… FLIR was extremely generous and donated an Infrared Camera for us to raffle off at our convention.

All of the generous inspectors who have donated to the Legislative Fund for the FL Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNACHI are eligible.

I have a list of those who I have a record of their donation posted on our website. Here.

If you are not on the list and feel you should be… please email me with the amount of donation, date, and location that you provided it so I can research my records. :slight_smile:

I just want to say THANK YOU! to Aubrey Kahn who donated Another $50.00 tonight and ACF Home Inspections who also donated $25.00 tonight.

Of course, to join in on all the comeradarie, great education and fun join us at this years Convention. Register Here!

See you all soon! And THANK YOU AGAIN to all of those who have donated to our Legislative Fund!

Thanks to Mark Sinclair for his donation of $100.00!

WOW…thats freakin awesome!

This conference should be a big hit. As usual the numbers of attendance should be high because every time Nick shows up, people show up. I wonder if Nick could give us a little taste test of what he will be doing in his United States trip on marketing.

Last time we had a conference Ben Gromicko showed up Big Mac showed up and of course the most popular Paige showed up. If you want to hear the funniest stuff you have ever heard in your life, listen to Paige and Nick have a conversation, it is literally mind blowing…

Thank you to Gerald Delaney for your $50.00 donation to our legislative fund!

You Rock! :slight_smile:

Thank you Gary Evans for your $50.00 donation to our Legislative Fund!