Dress up your inspection report.


Looks great . . . how do we download them to use other than copy and paste . . . will we be able to download the SketchUp models/files?
A few ideas:**

  • 3D view of garbage disposal - exploded view would be nice
  • 3D view of common items in walls . . . electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC ducting, vacuum system, etc.
  • 3D view of framing around windows, doors, etc.
  • 3D view of GFCI outlets in relation to sinks, toilets, etc.
  • 3D view of egress thru basement windows, etc.
  • 3D view of drainage around the exterior

Really like the 4th image down - similar images of the above would be great . . . look forward to seeing more from your in-house designer.

Great idea, thanks Nick!

Right click and save as. They are jpegs on that page.


Guess I really didn’t do a great job explaining myself, Nick states the files are being created in SketchUp, I realized the files can be downloaded as jpgs, gifs, png, etc. - I’m was hoping the SketchUp files will be available to use . . . if we’re able to download the SketchUp file (SketchUp is a free download from Google), you then can zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and get the view you need to place in your report and I just added my thoughts on details would love to have access to use.

Still dazed and confused? . . . me too.:mrgreen:

Mike you can do that with any graphic program.

(edit) just relized you mean like in look behind 3 d

Yeah you’d have to have Google’s program. From the way Nick stated it , it sounds like the sketch up files will be available for download. I think this is an awesome benefit Nick.

Nick won’t see this you need to: “Members who desire something specific should email fastreply@nachi.org with a description of their request, and we’ll build it for you.”

Still dazed and confused? . . . me too :cool:

. . . ok, me thinks I’m un-cunfused now :roll: . . . email sent just a few moments ago . . . we’ll see what happens next, thanks Barry!

That would make the illustrations unique.

Just got this back from Nick:

“I’ll have them built for you.”

It helps to do it right, thanks again Barry for pointing out we need to make the request thru fastreply . . . for others, when they become available, you will need to download Google SketchUp from this link, select the free copy. Once you have the model, you can rotate/view/etc then do a screen shot to place in your report . . . hope this helps others.

PS SketchUp has several tutorials if you need assistance in learning to use, just google ShetchUp and you’ll have more links than you can handle.

I tried sketchup when intoduced and canned it , but if these sketches are built that way,it would be very cooooooL!

Bob, ya got to give it another try . . . on the link above in my previous post, off to the left side is links to training videos, etc., the program is way cool.
I’ve attach two views of the same area for an atrium house I’ve had on the old drawing board and by modeling in SketchUp can rotate and see things differently and make changes accordingly.
So with that said, if this designer Nick has hired will create the SketchUp models and ya have the program, you will then be able to rotate and get the view you need to place in your report . . . got my fingers crossed we’ll start seeing 3-D models in SketchUp to use.



I fully understand.
Just did not have the patience to do them from scratch.

I can take any photo and turn it into a sketch with one click:)
If these are pre made however,then some rotate,crop,and comment would be easy.