Educational Inspection Graphics Library opened today.

Looks Great!
Is it just roofing so far?

Yes, we hired 2 graphics artists and they can only produce about 6 or so images per day. Each day we will add more.

Should be of great benefit to many.

Good stuff! Thanks Nick.:slight_smile:

Good stuff!

Hey Nick,
Would it be possible to make the entire library available for download? I don’t have Internet access on site, and would like to have the library available for reports or even for showing a client. Downloading them individually would be very time consuming, also it would be difficult to remain current (where periodic re-downloads) would be relatively easy. (Maybe a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or even annual versions?) I could also see that as being a viable product you could sell to non-members and publishers.

We are adding so many every day. I’ll make CDs available when we get to 1,000 images (probably next month). OK?

Nick…the image in the electrical folder showing the NM Cable running through studs is incorrect. While if the cable is run less than 1 1/4" from the edge of the stud you are required to install a nailplate the other ones shows a hole with a compliantly drilled stud but it says it needs to be 1 1/2" from the edge…it should both reflect the 1 1/4" statement.

Plus the reality is it has the same requirements if it is interior or exterior side of the stud…siding people drive nails through studs all day long as well.

**(1) Bored Holes. **
In both exposed and concealed locations,

where a cable- or raceway-type wiring method is installed
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]through bored holes in joists, rafters, or wood members,[/FONT][/size]
[size=2][FONT=Times New Roman]holes shall be bored so that the edge of the hole is not less
than 32 mm (11.4 in.) from the nearest edge of the wood
member. Where this distance cannot be maintained, the
cable or raceway shall be protected from penetration by
screws or nails by a steel plate(s) or bushing(s), at least
1.6 mm (1.16 in.) thick, and of appropriate length and width
installed to cover the area of the wiring.[/FONT][/size]


Remember…it says nothing about Interior portions only…something people really need to be aware of as many see the tree’s but overlook the forest in the process.

[/FONT][/size]Always send me your images fella first…I dont mind proofing them as time permits…