Drinking Beer and Pouring Concrete?

Can’t call this a defect, but it really had me intrigued today. Why would you sink pop or beer cans in the concrete? My guess was they were “forms” for a future post for a handrail or guardrail of some sort. Who knows?

Never surprised-Always amazed…


I agree. For railings.

Secure piggysbanks

Permanent ash trays…

That’s a vehicle ramp to a workshop behind them. The railings idea is the only thing I could think of. The client has 5 yr old twins. I was concerned about them sticking their fingers in and getting cut. But, it is a foreclosure home, and there are a lot more dangers than those buried cans lurking everywhere!

I think the foreclosed people may have even booby-trapped the place. I always do crawl space last. Something caused me to remove the hatch and take a peak before inspecting inside. The main plumbing waste line was taken loose at a 90 and allowing all the waste to collect in the crawlspace!! Yuck!:vomit:

A “hot” black wire was connected to the green grnd screw on a light switch. The entire metal plate of the switch was energized!

I think the place, supposedly vacant for 9 months, should be tested for meth!!!


I agree with your first guess.
They needed a round hole there for something :slight_smile:

Folks usually have a reason for doing stuff and they were spaced even
from what I saw.

I have seen guys use solo cups and the like to leave nice circles around things coming out of walls when stuccoing them.

Good idea, actually. Ever seen one on a chimney? The hole did not go all the way through, perfectly round hole 2" diameter and about 6" deep in a stone chimney. We originally guessed it was for running a gas pipe to the fireplace until we saw it did not go all the way through.

It did make a perfect bird’s nest. :slight_smile:

I have seen cans used quite a bit for for future railings. The railings are then epoxied in. Twenty years ago, 16oz pop bottles were used instead.

Newbies are also youngsters Jeff!! :wink:

Maybe 30 or 40 yrs ago? Remember-20 yrs ago was 1993! My oldest son was already 11, and I hadn’t collected those glass bottles to earn money since the 70’s.
Guess I’m just getting too old to admit it…:wink:

I graduated in 1992 and we had the glass bottles for a few years after that. You can still buy them in Missouri. Pepsi tastes so much better in a cold glass bottle

Pepsi…really? Always Coke. :wink: Ever hear “gimme a Rum and Pepsi?” lol

Here in the hillbilly state, all dark soft drinks are called “Coke”. In the north, it’s called “Pop”…

For bottles & cans I love my “soda” to be Pepsi. For fountain it’s Coke. Mixed drinks always taste better with diet.

Funny, I am opposite. I don’t mind fountain Pepsi, as long as it has some “kick”, but prefer Coke in a can. My sister in law says Coke tastes “flat”, and I say Pepsi tastes flat.

And is it true that alcohol when mixed with diet drinks acts stronger, quicker? I think that was on one of those evening news programs a short while ago. I just stick with beer occasionally these days. Liquor is just too intense. #-o

Mike Clark!You got me, i was looking to see a photo of some horrific masonry, you know from a drunk concrete guy…

I’m from Pennsylvania originally and it was called Soda not Pop. When I moved to Texas it was all called Coke. What kinda Coke do you want ? :smiley:
No Rum and Pepsi for me my Hillbillie friend ! Crown and (Diet) Coke for me please :mrgreen:

I stand corrected, Joe. I used to have a pal from Jersey who called it Soda.

Man, Crown and Diet sounds sooo goood!!:wink:

hahaha! I’ll try to dig up some pics of me and my wife’s uncle when I worked a summer pouring concrete with him! I had no clue what to do, and he would get so drunk I would have to do the edging and final finishing!!:mrgreen: