drip edge in french

Hello, I’m wondering how you translate a drip edge in french? I always used brise goutte but wondering if there is something better?


Solin de bordure de toit.



le bord de couverture de goutte:)

I prefer solin de bordude de toit but another would be Rejéteau, m (Drip Mould) Moulure en saillie disposée de manière à écarter l’eau de pluie de la face d’un mur: Syn. : Jet d’eau.

I like it simple. Roof edge drip edge. :slight_smile:

Same here, but its not in French…:wink:

Larmier gets my vote. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larmier


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La drip edge ? I love bi -lingual and yes i was kidding before everyone jumps on me

Le larmier.

Why does that translate to weep hole?

And who the hell is that wrong hung post above? :wink:


how does that stuff get posted here?


Is it “le spam” or “la spam”?