Translating the Standards of Practice

Hi everyone,

I have finished translating the International Standards of Practice from English to French. However, I am still facing difficulties due to the technical terms.

I have gone over them and used all the help you have given me up to now. However, there are still some terms I am not sure about (they are in brown in french and in black in english) and there are some words I wasn’t able to translate (they are in green).

If a few canadian home inspectors could take a quick look at the following terms it would be very helpful. Hopefully, if I get your feedback rather soon, I will be able to post it on the InterNACHI web site by the end of this week!!! This would be a good addition to this website and I am sure your French speaking clients will really appreciate it!

Thank you once more for your help and time!

Here are the technical terms I am having problems with:

analyse du flux énergétique - analysis of energy flows
colonnes – spindles
dépendances – outbuildings
mesures de lutte contre l’érosion et de stabilisation du sol - erosion control and earth stabilization measures
ouvertures d’accès au sous plancher - under-floor access openings
en faux équerre - out-of-square
boulonnage – bolting
dispositifs d’air de combustion - combustion air systems
blocs-fenêtre - window units
blocs passe-muraille - through-wall units
fluides ou gaz de refroidissement - coolant fluids or gases
frettage/contreventement sismique – seismic bracing
soupape de décharge de température et de pression - temperature-pressure relief valves
soupapes Watts 210 – Watts 210 valves
l’évacuation fonctionnelle de l’eau - functional drainage
bonde de vidage/déchets – waste
drainage/évacuation de l’eau – drainage
conduite d’eau principale – water main
pompes de puits – well pumps
soupapes de culotte – branch valve
appareils de ventilation secondaires – anti-siphon
dispositifs de non-retour – back-flow prevention
bouche-évier – drain-stop
regards de nettoyage – clean-outs
réservoirs de stockage/d’apprivisionnement – storage tanks
pompes foulantes/refoulantes/de compression – pressure pumps
réservoirs souples – bladder tanks
lignes électriques aériennes/souterraines - service drop/lateral
enveloppes de l’embase – meter socket enclosures
dispositifs contre les surintensités – overcurrent devices
connexions – bonding
câbles de branchement dérivés à âme massive en aluminium - solid conductor aluminum branch circuit wiring
décharge disruptive/formation d’arc - arcing
conducteurs de branchement - service entrance conductors
services au sol – service ground
alternateurs – generators
insolateurs/collecteurs solaires photovoltaïques – photovoltaic solar collectors
batterie d’accumulateur – battery storage facility
pare-étincelles – spark arrestors
calculs des chutes de potentiel – voltage drop calculations
circuits d’alimentation en carburant** – **fuel-feed devices
gravidéviation ou ventilés – gravity controlled or fan-assisted
chambres de combustion – firebox
pares vapeur – vapor retarders
enveloppes isolantes – jackets
soupapes d’arrêt manuelles – manual stop valves
humidimètres/hygromètres – moisture meters
commandes de fonctionnement normales –normal operating controls
disjoncteurs électriques –electrical breakers
pompes à éjecteur – ejector pumps

functional flow
mechanical drain-stops
fuel shut-off valves
service disconnect amperage rating
side ropes
electrical disconnect

break-walls ??? murs de soutènement ???
functional flow, Débit de drainage
mechanical drain-stops arrêt de drainage mécanique???
fuel shut-off valves, Valve de fermeture de gaz
service disconnect amperage rating Ampérage du disjoncteur principal
sub-panels panneau auxiliaire
assists assister
covers, couvercles
side ropes ??? context pls
electrical disconnect disjoncteur électrique

Mr Gratton pls step in !! lolol

Thanks for the quick reply, this is really helping me a lot!
Side ropes in context is : " report as in need of repair any door locks or side ropes that have not been removed or disabled when garage door opener is in use"

I’ve never heard of “side ropes”, especially in that context.

“Break Walls”… do you mean “Shear Walls”?

Context? Or, link or SOP paragraph, to where you found these terms?

I can’t help with the translation, but maybe I can help clearify the terms.

Break-walls in context is: " inspect seawalls, break-walls and docks"

I was able to translate the rest but I have no idea what break-walls are. Thank you for looking at this!

Gotcha, now it makes sense.

Side ropes to me imply counter weights in old double hung windows.

Thank you all for your help!
Do you think it would be possible to check out the translations and tell me if they seem correct or not?