Drip Pan

Luckily it has been a pretty dry summer. Humidity was 9% today, sure felt like it was 11%. :wink:

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 037.JPG

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 038.JPG

Good catch though.

Looks like them swimmin’ holes you’ve been spectin’ Brian :wink:

Safety pan plumbed and also clogged or did the pan have a float switch?

Did not see a float switch Michael. But when I find a defect I think is pretty significant I do not go to much further with my investigation. The home owner is lucky we have been dryer than normal this summer, my guess would be one or two more good rains and it would overflow.

Can you see the electrical supply in the pan under water??? :shock:

Unit got icy cold though. :smiley:


How would one or two more good rains (or 6 for that matter) make this pan overflow?

Rains would bring higher humidity in the air and increase the amount of moisture going into the safety pan from the evaporator coil and also diminish the amount evaporating out of the pan.

I would be surprised if that had a material effect on the amount of water in the pan though, but it might since the average humidity in Phoenix is probably 8-10% or so in the summer. If the pan had a float switch then it should have engaged by this time (seeing the water level in the pan) and shut the system down. Unless the home were empty with the A/C on then the occupant would have already called the HVAC guy. My guess is that the pan is plumbed but clogged as well as the main drain. Like Brian says, let the HVAC guy figure it out. Personally, I would have been curious enough to look for a float switch or a drain and if neither were present I could make a real big deal about it in the report :slight_smile:

Need to Blow out the Primary Drain Line—I DO believe—:shock:

I have been running into a lot of these Air Handlers with water pouring out of them, one Blast of air in the Primary solves the problem, and then pour a couple gallons of water in the Primary trap to clean er out—:smiley:

My neighbors was full of water this past weekend, and condensate was pouring out of every orifice—I blew air into the Primary at the termination outside, dumped a couple gallons of water in the PVC pipe sticking upward before the trap, no more water dripping from the Air Handler.