Driveway / garage foundation intersection

Today’s inspection.

2005 built home never lived in.

Home had what I consider significant drainage issues as they had managed to make all four sides drain to the foundation…but I digress.

The driveway is uneven with the foundation where they meet. In a single visit I cannot comment on whether it was poured this way or has moved in two years. But I see this occassionally. I could not find a code / rule to back up calling it out other than it seems wrong and is a trip hazard.

Thoughts? Comments?

Oh and yes I do believe the white stain is from water entering the garage as the driveway is one of the surfaces that is sloped toward the house.

Driveway 1.jpg

Driveway 2.jpg

Poor workmanship, will collect water and rot out the jambs etc.

It had to be poured that way but no idea why.

If it moved that much where is the crack? It wouls be noticable movement. I too believe it was poured that way. Lousy job.