driveway question

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I had a question that I posted in the interior inspections section and got great advice; now I have a question on how the driveway was poured on my new construction house:

The builder did not install the driveway slab as was drawn by the engineer on the site and grading plan used for permit application. The driveway is not square to the garage and will make pulling in and out awkward.

Is the builder required to adhere to the layout dimensions shown on the site and grading plan? Or do I just have to live with the builder’s mistake?

See the site and grading plan below. The builder installed the slab by basically by taking a straight line from the garage to where the site plan shows the connection to the property line (rather than coming out straight from the garage and then turning to meet the property line).

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That is what plans are for, to follow them. That way everyone knows, in advance, what they have to produce and what the other is going to pay for that specified work detail.

You need to talk to a lawyer NOW!!

Agree with Roy, as a builder for 20+ years, if we have drawings and engineers involved that is my blueprint. Now if I run into field conditions or design issues that pose a problem, I will share that perspective with the client and engineer. If they insist after I have stated the issues AND I am not 100% positive on my observations then I will state my objection in writing for the owner and engineer to sign off on. Also, if I am sure that my experience modifier is correct, I will state so in writing and refuse to do it improperly. Either way, the owner is completely aware of the changes… Or not… If this was not done to specs and there is an issue the builder has an obligation to make it right. Be sure to discuss with him and put in writing your concerns giving him the opportunity to mitigate first. If he refuses and you feel the improper installation is causing a problem that would have been non exsistant had he built to spec then an attorney early on is suggested. Hopefully the builder is reputable and if so will be more than willing to compromise to correct. Just make sure you communicate to the builder as many issues over the years I have had to negotiate we’re often that the home owner complained to everyone but me… The small issue became much bigger by the time I was confronted… Hope this helps

Your contract will trump everything as it specifies and references anything to do with your project…