Drone and your tablet question?

My Mavic Platinum comes in Wednesday.
And I was just wondering what you guys use as a tablet. Or do you just use your phone?
All I’m thinking about now is just roof inspections.
I’m sure that I will fly it many other locations. But I want to do roofs with it that’s my main objective.
In addition I like Androids.

I use my drone almost everyday. I use a ipad mini with a sun shade. Easy to see.

I use my iPad mini. I bought an attachment that I use with the remote.
A phone (in my opinion) has too small of a screen to really see what’s going on. The money you can make with a drone is great!
I have a mavic pro with some upgrades (camera and gimble).
I would suggest flying a bunch before you really go out and fly over a roof.
I was flying mine and hit the only f×>÷&$; thing near me and that wa s a light pole.

Thanks Everyone …It came in today… Will open it up tomorrow,