Just picked up one of these for inspecting hard to reach roofs

It’s called the AR Drone (see pic). Comes with ability to take still shots as well as video. Runs on a lithium ion battery back that keeps it aloft for 12 minutes. There has been alot of times I’ve had parts of roofs I just could not inspect due to height/steep slope/shape, etc and figured for $240 I’d give it a try. Beats NOT being able to at least look at it. You control it via your android phone or tablet as it sets up a wireless connection to it similar to an Eye-Fi card. I’m anxious to get it up and running. Should be a good thing for clients to see instead vs advising them that there is something that you cannot at least get a visual look on due to limitations.


UGH so mad that I did not think of it first. Make sure you let us know how it goes!!

Glen does it take the snap shot for you and zoom. If it does I am interested also.
This is last week inspection and I would have loved to look down the barrel.:smiley:

24 The Drive May 25 2012 038.JPG

You control the camera from your iphone/ipad/android phone/android tablet via an app from the appstore. I am not sure about zoom. From what I am reading it does not appear to have a zoom capability on it. I guess depending on your skill you can maneuver it close and view from the tablet. It has a plastic ring around it to protect it from bumping into things. I’m not using it really to find a nail-head sticking out of a shingle but more to catch overall problems on things that ordinarily might be missed due to physical limitations. Unfortunately I am a 1 man business right now and the roof is about the most dangerous place for all of us. I am sure we’ve all gotten on roofs we probably shouldn’t have. I’m hoping this ‘toy’ that I’m gonna try to use as a tool, will eliminate that problem. It’ll be shipped here this week and I’ll update then how it all works and hopefully be able to post a photo or video (youtube) of it in use.

Cool!! I will wait for your video before making a decision.

Saw those at Wisconsin state fair last year.

My Sony HX5V on a window washers pole is much better res and faster plus no chance of it flying off and getting stuck where you obviously cant climb anyway.

Wind will be an issue with that foam body craft

Quit being a negative nancy. Its still an awesome and creative idea.

You have a hard time dealing with facts and as a newbie seem to jump at anything.

Which part of I investigated it last year are you too stupid to comprehend buddy .

Been doing roof videos for about 3 years now but you certainly think you know the business and everything about the gadget.
Got any specs on the thing to back up it being a g-dsend or are you just a schill?

Gimme $500 and I will let you join the pole cam operators association.


for a full list of benefits go to jjimeneznotdynomite.com

Bob does bring up a valid point about the wind, which is why I am gonna put it through its paces on a few test runs before giving it the official thumbs up here. I already have a pole that can get me to 16 feet, but that isn’t gonna get me shots of a second story roof where both stories have 12 foot ceilings and my truck has a cap on it so no ladder rack capability, nor do I feel like endangering myself by fumbling around on a roof where I’ll be 28 feet off the ground at the peak, but everyone has their idea of limitations.

Very cool, sure hope that works for you. How do you say the roof was inspecetd? by air…by superman!

I use a 30 foot bought at Menards and if you are 6 feet tall with a longer reach 2 story roofs are no problem.

Should be fun but not to sure about the resolution for grabbing stills of the video.
Mine takes 60 frames per second at 1890 x 1200 with MTS and allows great quality stills to focus on flashings ,etc.

A low quality video will not take the stills however may at least allow a video view.

What is the image quality?

Bob, I called you a negative nancy. It’s a joke. You said you saw one; you did not say you investigated one. Either way I’m tired of defending myself agains a newb hating bitter old fart with a fun sponge attitude. Thanks for all your help but I am putting you on ignore now.

P.S. I am still making service magic work

Looked up image quality

Two cameras are fitted, a wide-angle (93°) at the front which can supply live stream (640x480 pixels VGA) to a remote monitor, and a high speed vertical camera (64° lens) which can supply 60 frame/second.

You seem immature.

Beat me to it Bob, yes, that is the resolution. You could say ‘roof was inspected by helicopter’ :wink:

Has limitations but should be fun for you and the client.
Just be careful to not use in bad weather.

Get a 30 footer pole for bad days.

I may pick one up if you tell us about durability later.

The place I saw had several models with prices up to over $1,000.

Not being negative. I am just making you aware of your liability. :roll:

If someone gets hurt while you are flying for ANY REASON, or you do damage to an object you can be held liable.
I see litigation written all over this.

I have been flying small indoor choppersand in my parking garage.
Small duel motor 3 channel mini modle hilocopter.
Wind and Downdrafts will be an issue.

Here is information on the small ones like I fly.
[FONT=Arial]Start off with a 2 channel helicopter or 3 channel. These should be easy to fly and some you can fly inside. Most of these helicopters will be pretty small so do not fly them outside in the wind or else you can end up breaking your helicopter, ***someone else’s stuff or hurting someone.***[/FONT]
How to fly

So if you bump into the neighbours whatever ( even if not) they can ground you and do some legal damage.

All the best.

Wind is a factor. Camera stablization is another. You got sold a bill of goods, IMO. Just a toy.

I actually pre-ordered the 2.0 version of it with HD video/pics and auto focus, camera stabilization built in, and wind stabilization where it calculates wind speed and adjusts on the fly via onboard computer. Won’t ship till June. I didn’t get sold a ‘bill of goods’ whatever that means. I don’t just willy nilly jump into things without doing solid research on what I spend my hard earned money on, and if it doesn’t work, then I send it back for a full refund, no bubbles no troubles.

Let us know how it works Glen. some are afraid to go were no man has gone before . lol