Drone crashes on White House lawn.

Some people are more of a hazard to themselves than others.

Couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me. I’m in talks with FAA.

I wondered about that aspect of it. Now the FAA has a bad example to point to of drone usage, involving the most famous real estate in the US.

Yep. Just means I have to work harder.

So it goes with most things, a handful of knuckleheads have to ruin it for the rest of us. That’s why we can’t have any fun toys.

This poses a problem as I am practicing with my drone now to look at roofs…and I will be working in (Northern) Virginia, and eventually Maryland and DC…

Any tips? I am working out the process as I go!

I just ordered this:

For 60 bucks, can’t hurt to check it out.
It just may the the substitute for my camera pole on 2 story roofs.

I just read an article on drone usage and were they are banned, some of the areas are within a mile of all airports, within a mile of any venue that seats 30,000 or more people, all of Washington DC, I Believe it said all of Los Angeles and possibly coming up soon will be all of New York.

Luckily, I intend to cover ALL of Virginia/DC/MD so my drone will still be useful! I love the countryside better anyway! :cool:

Not in DC it won’t.

That’s really cheap. Can you post a follow up review after you get it? For $60 I might just order one & see for myself though.

Want to stop the public from spying on you? Crash one of these things into the White House and turn it into a homeland security investigation. Puts a stop to that real quick!

It’s been deemed that flying this aircraft was “recreational” by a federal agency?! How damn stupid do you think I am?

Strap on some C4 and see how well those blast proof windows on the White House stand up!

Do you catch the paranoia drift?

Only Obama can play with drones!

wake up boys and girls

That was the very first thing that came to mind when I heard the news.


Doesn’t look like this one takes crashes very well.:shock:The $62 (ud81?) on amazon takes hundreds of crashes… I found this out the hard way when I learned how to fly mine. :mrgreen: I would recommend getting the cheap one to learn and then upgrade once you get a grip on flying it.:wink:

This had to be a Govt. drone. How in the world would a private citizen get a drone close enough to crash on the White House lawn? I think your safe in your negotiations, Nick. :roll:

Drone operator is a *government employee. *

I bet it was Ben Gates and Riley Poole. Those crazy kids are always up to something.

Mine bounced down a 40 ft tree did Ok perhaps someone stepped on it lol