Drone Inspections + Canadian Inspectors = No problem

Hi, here is what I found.

Here is a link to the rules and regulation from Transport Canada.

Most inspectors will use a drone that weight less than 2kg and all inspectors carry liability insurance. That’s pretty much all you need.


Those are the rules established in November 2014.



If you use a bigger drone and need the Special Flight Operations Certificate, you can take the course here: http://www.ccuvs.com/ for $500.

Hope it helps.

David Asselin
DroneInspections.ca (coming soon)

There are quite a few drones under the weight limit but one of the most popular the DJI series unfortunately is not. Seriously looking at others as well now that the new ruling is out.

Hi Bruce, all DJI Phantoms are under 2 KG


What about the part under “UAVs 2kg or less” that says “Stay at least 30m away from … buildings, structures and vehicles not involved in the operation” and the blanket restrictions at the bottom that seem to apply to all UAVs that says “DO NOT: Fly closer than 9km from… built-up areas.”

Wouldn’t that restrict inspections to homes in rural areas away from “built-up areas” and at least 30m from any other buildings?

Even if you do meet the exemptions it also says you must “Carry a copy of your UAV exemption”. How do you get one of these?

Hi Andrew, I’ll inquire about this. The UAV exemption is on the Transport Canada website.

Make sure you get something in writing. From everything I’ve been reading the current laws are open to interpretation and different TC reps will tell people different things.

You might want to check out the article below as well that includes this quote (emphasis mine):