New Toy....I Mean Inspection Device

Santa brought me a new toy…I mean roof inspection device. The dji mavic mini. This drone is interesting because its under 250 grams which is what the FAA can regulate…Now I know home inspectors will argue with me on the regulation but I wanted to see how steady it was being so light. I like that it is so small and convienent. The question is how steady it is and how good is the picture. I made a video.

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If you are going to use the drone for commercial purposes such as a home inspection report, you will need to follow the FAA requirements (license) regardless of drone weight. Has this rule changed too?

Must be licensed to use it for business, but if you want to be a deviant you are good to go.

Does it snap good quality pictures as well.?

Could it be equiiped with thermal camera to detect the energy efficiency of the house?

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It’s interesting how an R/C is not considered a drone due to its weight or gps capability; but then again, you are using it for a business. Coincidentally, it could also fall under the same disclosure as a body cam. Sounds like a loophole.

I am not aware of any changes to the FAA rule regarding weight, I believe you must be licensed to use a drone for commercial use like an inspection. I tried using one of the smaller ones but the picture quality wasn’t as good, in my opinion, but I’m sure there are different models. I use the Phantom which is very stable even in light winds and the picture quality is great.
Good Luck and let us know how you make out!

  1. I’ve had my mavic mini for 2 weeks. Its amazing, runs like a champ. Stable in wind. Limited range but you dont need that for inspections. And $400 is sooo cheap!!

  2. Gotta get your part 107 pilot license to make any money using any drone. Lots of rumor and misinformation floating around - there is no question about this.

  3. Must register your drone to use it under your part 107 license, even under 250 grams. The FAA released a video the same day the mini was released clarifying this point. No question here.

  4. Flying near airports is handed through the LAANC system now. Free to use, you apply for authorization right from your app, approvals are usually near instant. No more calling air traffic control or paper applications 90 days out. There is no exception for low flying only - 1 ft off the ground counts.

FAA views the registration requirement as ALL drones for ANY purpose must be registered EXCEPT drones under 250g while being used recreationally.

For business purposes it helps to remember - drones are like cars. License the driver and register the vehicle.

Safe and happy flying!!!